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About Anibal do Rosario

is a Digital Strategist with over 15 years of practical experience with -and theoretical knowledge of- most Costumer Touchpoints within the Customer Life Cycle.

This includes Consultative Sales, Service Design, Graphic Design and (Online) Marketing Strategy.

He’s an online generalist who strongly believes in the power of branding, and has experienced 7 years of interacting face-to-face with consumers on a daily basis (see the extended profile here).

Having a creative (Web) Design background, Anibal’s constantly in search of striking the ideal balance between gut feeling and hard data. He believes that organisations need to look beyond targets or clinical analytics and amaze their customers with excellent Service & User Experience.

Core values: Always Be Testing, “The Product Is The Marketing”, Customer Intimacy, Service Design and last but not least: End-users rule!

Above all, he tries to learn new stuff, every single day.

Anibal is the author of @AnibalDoRosario, an online repository for Internet Marketing & Online Strategy Cases, Facts and Figures.


Professional Background

In the past 14 years Anibal has built experience in:

  • Retail;
  • Direct Sales & Canvassing;
  • Web Design;
  • Entertainment (Dance);
  • E-commerce;
  • Identity & Branding;
  • (Online) Marketing Strategies;
  • Online Product Management.


Agency and Client-side Experience

Anibal has gained his expertise working together with experienced professionals in projects on Agency side for governmental agencies and various Triple A brands such as: The Royal Dutch Navy, Royal Dutch Shell, UWV, Rabobank, Vodafone The Netherlands and more.

Next to that, he’s been active on the client-side working at Tech start-ups (a subsidiary of Dutch entertainment giants ID&T and Q-dance) and GAMcard.


Developing (Online) Marketing Strategies

Anibal has also been responsible for developing the (Online) Marketing Strategy and a new Corporate Identity at Persoonlijk Zorgnetwerk, the holding company behind -amongst others-, and

He was a member of the Online Marketing team at Top 10 Dutch Interactive Agency “eFocus Strategy & Webdesign”. In december 2009 eFocus has been proclaimed as the #1 full-service interactive agency in the Netherlands by Emerce Magazine, a Dutch E-commerce & New Media Industry magazine.

Anibal currently works as an Online Product Manager at DTG; a new media company formerly known as the “De Telefoongids” Directory (Dutch Yellow Pages & White Pages).

More details? Visit Anibal’s Extended Online Résumé here »


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