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Billion Dollar Customer Loyalty Lessons by Zappos?

“Our Customer Loyalty Team is not scripted and is not measured on Time of Calls.” -Aaron Magness Zappos, director for Brand Marketing & Business Development. The review for the Zappos account … was one of the strangest that Madison Avenue has witnessed recently. It began with 16 agencies, but after word leaked out about the review, “we ended up getting 190” requests to take part, Mr. Magness said.

Source: New York Times – Tireless Employees Get Their Tribute, Even if It’s in Felt and Polyester


With regards to Customer Retention and Customer Intimacy, perhaps the following is evidence that there are no such things as “costs” involved, rather we should think in terms of investments: Zappos last year was acquired by internet giant Amazon for no less than $1.2 billion. The main reason? Their offbeat company culture of putting the customer first, which makes Zappos (founded in 1999) roughly $1 billion per year.

Zappos became famed for their Customer Intimacy: If, for example, you can’t find a specific shoe on their web shop, or it happens to be out of stock; the Zappos Call Centre Rep. happily guides you over to a competitors site and co-surfs their shop with you as long as needed to help you find the item for the right price.

Please note: The above is not an exception, it’s their official company policy.

Read that last sentence again and know it still equals heresy for most corporates out there.

It’s really sad how Call Centres (and the organizations hiring them) to this date still believe that call scripts, lowly paid Call Centre Representatives and a strict focus on Time On Call are defining factors of success, while Zappos clearly has shown otherwise on every conceivable level.

(On a similar note GetSatisfaction recently made some revisions to their Company-Customer Pact.)

Zappos understands that Marketing starts at the core -the experience you deliver- first, and advertising last. No wonder Madison Avenue went the extra mile to acquire the Zappos account: working with a brand with a stature and Customer centred culture like Zappos’ is any Agency’s wet dream…


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