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Google Transparant: Geeft Inzicht In Werking Zoekresultaten

Zonet gelezen op het Officiële Google Blog; Google geeft openheid van zaken m.b.t. Custom Search (gepersonificeerde zoekresultaten).

Je zou kunnen redeneren dat het toevallig is dat deze ontwikkeling net samenvalt met de (toch wel geflopte) release van concullega Cuil, die vooral pronkte met het niet nodig hebben van een privacybeleid omdat ze sowieso geen gegevens van gebruikers verzamelen als USP?

In het kort komt het erop neer dat Google eerdaags zal beginnen met het tonen van een klein bericht rechtsboven op de pagina, waarmee jij als gebruiker inzicht kunt krijgen in hoe de aan jou getoonde zoekresultaten tot stand zijn gekomen.

Factoren die hierin mee (kunnen) spelen zijn: Plaats (IP targetting), browse geschiedenis en eerder ingegeven zoekopdrachten. Je kunt als gebruiker direct ook deze parameters aanpassen danwel verwijderen. Zie voor meer info het artikel zelf op Google’s blog.

Naar eigen zeggen past deze toevoeging in een reeks van aanpassingen waarmee Google meer openheid van zaken tracht te geven, met name wat betreft de privacy van haar gebruikers.

Briljante timing of gelukkige samenloop van omstandigheden, Google (en haar succes er)kennende zal het wel het meer van het eerste zijn. Hoe dan ook zal het interessant zijn om te zien hoe dit opgepakt gaat worden door de digerati / techcommunity, maar natuurlijk vooral ook door de doorsnee gebruiker. Het geven van meer controle en inzicht aan haar gebruikers kan in ieder geval alleen maar een stap vooruit zijn in het vergaren van (meer) vertrouwen in de dienst.

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Microsoft Sphere: Innovatieve Onderwijsmethode?

Microsoft’s Sphere project geeft een blik in de toekomst, de toepassingen -vooral onderwijskundig- zijn legio, check de onderstaande video (en de Pong game aan het einde ;) ):

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RAW Marketing: Wees Relevant, Authentiek en Waarde toevoegend

Geweldige post (en relevante commentaar) op Marketing Facts, uit het hart gegrepen ;)

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Michael Dell –Insights From The Visionary Founder and CEO

In the past few weeks I’ve written some columns* about having and pursuing a big vision, genuinely caring for your employees and customers, about being innovative, approaching opportunities in your market in a pro-active way and how the internet can help you accomplish most, if not all, of the above.

After reading an interview this afternoon the GigaOm blog held with Michael Dell founder and chief executive officer of Dell Inc. I suddenly realized I’d forgotten to mention the biggest decisive aspect that’s responsible for having the right mindset, competitive work habits and inspiring culture in any organization; the key factor is -of course- having a truly visionary CEO at the helm.

Michael Dell, Founder and CEO of Dell Computers, Charismatic and Visionary. (Source: GigaOM)

If the incentive doesn’t come from the top levels of the company, if the board doesn’t feel the need to usher any sense of urgency, if “the suites” don’t genuinely support innovation and an entrepreneurial mindset, then any attempt by any individual or department to be truly successful is going to prove to be a fruitless exercise in the end.

Apple and Google are consistently proving this up to this very moment (and many more companies that don’t get to steal the limelight as often as they do).

Michael Dell seems to be having all of the before mentioned in check and Dell’s financial results and communication & co-creational(!!!) efforts seem to backing this statement: Instead of complaining out in the open on how EEE PC’s / Netbooks / internet-in-your-pocket-machines are disrupting profit rates, he sees that newly emerging (sub)market as an opportunity and rightfully so:

Michael Dell: …”Mobile Internet devices and smartphones are all part of our mobile computer business. Our focus is on the bull’s-eye of the volume, which today is notebooks, computers and laptops.

The interesting question is these “Internet-in-the-pocket” kind of things. Do those replace the notebook, or are they a compliment to the notebook? That is the kind of threshold question one would think about as you explore this.”…

…”Om Malik: It is actually a complimentary device. But I think the bigger opportunity is in buying those devices because they can be replaced every six months.

Dell: No question, this is a large and significant opportunity and it’s one – I think you will see Dell move in that direction. But I think it will be sequenced in the right order relative to all the opportunities we have”…

Same goes for the transitional period the Tech sector is currently finding itself in and possible strategies to tackle this that I wrote about earlier; if for example you’re a hardware manufacturer, try offering added value (and thus gaining market share) in additional services, in this case by cross selling SaaS. If you don’t have the in-house technology or expertise to do so, purchase it or strike a strategic alliance. And, yet again, Dell understands and implements this more than anyone else it would seem:

“Dell: Today, we sell to the guys who make clouds. We actually already have some services that we provide; you can think of them as software-as-a-service. For example, for managing your infrastructure, we purchased a number of companies recently like Everdream that are all services provided online. We’ve got a huge business in managing the computing infrastructure for large companies.”

Source: GigaOm

You can imagine this founder’s inspiring vision to trickle down through every layer in the organization…

For the record; I’ll repeat here that personally as well as professionally I’ve never really been a great fan or supporter of Dell computers in general and especially the hardcore sales methods they’ve used in the past.

However, in the past 12 months or so Dell has really been making strides and after reading the interview Om Malik held with mr. Dell, I’m starting to believe that every jigsaw puzzle piece has slid into its place for them and that they’re really morphing into a sleeker, communicative, open and more likeable entity with -who knows- maybe a loyal fanbase comparable with, say, Apple’s?

Please read the full interview at GigaOm
[* Some articles typed in Dutch and some written in English -I’ll sort the dual language thingy soon enough, it’s there with a purpose, watch this space ;) ]

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Video: For internal use only. Please do not duplicate (UPDATE)

Seth Godin points to this brilliant video:

[The original video was removed form YouTube, so I’ve updated the link/vid. – Anibal]

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